The biggest name in commercial CRM systems is Salesforce which now has an estimated 25% of the global CRM market*. With huge corporate users like American Express, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, L’Oréal and British Airways you might think ‘what’s Salesforce got to do with NFPs?’.

The answer is ‘a lot’ because of four main factors:

1. Salesforce is a Cloud-based technology. That makes the system accessible from anywhere (not just the office) and updates happen in the Cloud rather than on local networks, making system and data management simple.

2. Salesforce offers you a complete CRM solution so legacy systems can usually be assigned to the bin and the task and workarounds of patching together old technology disappears.

3. The technology is scalable, flexible, not least because it facilitates app development.

4. Salesforce now works exceptionally well for a growing number of NFPs. The capability, flexibility and support they offer have resulted in 10,000 NFPs worldwide adopting Salesforce CRM. In itself, that’s a powerful argument for finding out more.

There’s also a wealth of resources available to NFPs using Salesforce including the community-driven Power of Us Hub and Trailhead learning modules.

Is Salesforce right for you?

As experienced, independent CRM consultants MAST ICT are able to give you a crystal clear view of whether or not a Salesforce implementation is right for your NFP.

Our approach as always is to fully understand your organisation, your priorities and your goals. The solutions we propose are tailor-made to meet specific requirements, so the importance of getting to know you is paramount. And while we’re very enthusiastic about Salesforce capabilities, we’re always aware that there are multiple options in front of you.

Is Salesforce only software – or a tool for complete organisational change?

This is one of the big questions to consider when it comes to Salesforce. By switching to an all-encompassing Cloud-based platform, you are taking a step towards significant organisational change.

The implications of no longer being office-based, or dependent on time-consuming, labour-intensive processes is significant. With the replacement of legacy systems with a single streamlined solution, you lose the need to ‘make do and mend’ with old software, and to have umpteen workarounds in processes and procedures. That’s clearly positive for the organisation but managing change presents challenges of a different kind.

Next steps

Our view is that Salesforce offers so much in terms of efficiency, speed and productivity that it is worth exploring and weighing up the options. The first step? Get in touch with us for an expert view from an experienced MAST ICT consultant.

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