The London UK Nonprofit Group aims to help those working within charities and nonprofits throughout London and surrounding areas. Meeting four times a year, group members come together to learn, share and chat about Salesforce, helping users learn from each other and gain insights into the Salesforce system.

The next meeting, scheduled for September 18th, will feature talks, networking opportunities and MAST ICT’s very own Andy Murdoch who will share his top tips for data migration.

In the presentation, Andy will discuss the following key topics:

  • Identify, Create, Populate – Choose the data to migrate, create templates for the data (mapping fields per column, with a separate file for each object), import data
  • How to safely identify records when working with data – Standard RecordID’s are not enough
  • Consider migration order – i.e. parent records need to be in the system before children
  • Data import tools – DataLoader, Data Import Wizard, 3rd party tools
  • Validation considerations – i.e. Validation Rules will stop records being created if they hit validation criteria, causing errors
  • Automation considerations & batch size – Relevant automation runs when migrating data. The standard batch size for import is quite high, so it needs to be reduced if you have a lot of automation, so it doesn’t overwhelm the system.
  • Validate the data after migration with custom reports

With a powerful presence among not-for-profit organisations, Salesforce migrations can be a powerful move for a variety of organisations. You can find out more about Salesforce here.

The agenda for the meeting can be seen below and more information can be found on the Trailblazer Community Groups website where you can register your interest for future meetings.



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