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We help charities and NFP organisations maximise on the potential of their OpenEngage database software, providing implementations, system reviews, upgrades and training.

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We have over 100 years’ combined experience helping charities and NFP organisations get the most from their CRM, fundraising or membership database.

Helping members of the non-profit sector get the most out of their OpenEngage database system

Through our experience both as end users and developers, we’ve helped charities, membership bodies and Royal Colleges get the maximum value out of their OpenEngage database software, as we understand the common challenges organisations face and the best ways to overcome them.

Our consultants can help clients automate key processes to reduce the need for repetitive tasks, including the distribution of invoices, statements, event booking confirmations and CPD certificates, freeing staff to concentrate on more important tasks. We also have extensive experience developing both Crystal and SSRS reports for OpenEngage and Accounting Office. We can help you get a better view of your committees, event and exam bookings, refresh the look of your invoices or analyse your marketing campaigns and donation history.

Whether it’s an overall system review, integration to a website, help with an upgrade or install, a specific reporting requirement or a more general programme of improvements, MAST ICT can work closely with your organisation to identify the most robust and practical route to success.

We always ensure our actions and deliverables are clearly and accurately outlined at the beginning of the project, consistently meeting these on-time and to-budget with the least disruption to your organisation. For larger projects we also offer a phased implementation approach to ensure all departments have time to adjust accordingly.


Benefits of OpenEngage

Formerly known as Integra, OpenEngage is one of the leading examination and membership management solutions from Advanced.

  • Functionally rich
  • Flexible to your needs
  • Regulation (including GDPR) compliant
  • Easily integrated with Third Party solutions

How MAST Can Help Users of Advanced OpenEngage

OpenEngage Implementations

We can help you connect OpenEngage to your website, either directly with the Connect API or via our RESTful API wrapper. This allows members to self-service their data and gives more scope to tailor and configure your website in a manner that is best suited to your business. From 17r1 onwards, OpenEngage offers the ability to add custom fields to screens in most modules. This opens the door for you to define which data is most relevant to your day to day activities. We can help you set up your screens to draw in data from different parts of the database, reducing frustrating wait times and increasing staff productivity. If you need to move your data around to align with your business model we can help with this too, implementing custom rules where necessary.

OpenEngage Reviews

Are you making the most of the functionality that OpenEngage offers? By reviewing your organisation’s needs and your use of the software we can ensure you are aware of and are using the most appropriate features to support your business processes effectively. We can also suggest modifications to your set up and/or move data around to better serve your business model. After assessing the health of your data and understanding the information life cycle of your organisation we can identify the main sources of error and often eradicate problems at source, saving you the headache of ongoing data-cleaning activities.

OpenEngage Updates

Our team of OpenEngage consultants have extensive experience performing system upgrades and installs smoothly and with minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your NFP organisation. As well as full system updates, we work to ensure you are getting the most out of your OpenEngage system. For example, the dashboard tool in OpenEngage can be exploited to provide customised to-do lists. When combined with linked activities, this provides a process for initiating and tracking workflow – allowing staff across departments to collaborate more smoothly. MAST ICT can also help design custom views of data that will help staff to monitor and report on key activities, giving you a more unified perspective on your data. We help you unlock the untapped potential OpenEngage has to offer, resolving issues with your system and improving your productivity.

Take full advantage of our OpenEngage database software

  • Helping you to uncap the full potential of your system, allowing you to streamline your business processes and work efficiently.
  • Benefit from extensive industry experience and understanding, working with OpenEngage developers who were previously end users.
  • Whether it’s an overall system review, integration to a website or help with an upgrade, we can help your organisation reach success.

“Bringing MAST ICT into the project totally changed our approach. They helped us define a new logical data model, which helped resolve the issues with our business processes. We implemented a structured configuration control process, which incorporated management and change control and adopted their recommended data mapping and migration procedures.”

Darren Edwards

Head of IT at RoSPA

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