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It’s been a while since the last newsletter and I’m pleased to say we have continued to help several organisations achieve real benefit from their investment in CRM.

RoSPA went live with IntegraNG, following a challenging implementation and data migration. We have now completed the bedding in period and are working closely with each team, ensuring they have the dashboards and detailed management and analysis reporting they need to grow their services.

Following John Fairfoul joining us earlier in the year, we are also working with organisations using Integra 3.4. As this version of Integra has been around for a while, we find there are a lot of good ideas for improvement within each organisation – whether that is integrating better with the website, online shops or member portals, or improving processes to free up staff time to deliver more benefit to their members and volunteers.

John has been taking this long list of ideas and recommending a programme of improvement tailored to each organisation and its overall goals. This means that the speed of delivery can be controlled to match staff availability and budgets. Over the years, we see this approach has drastically improved the efficiency of the organisations we have worked with.

I’ve also been watching the developments around the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) and new EU Data Regulations. I think it’s obvious both these will apply to us over the coming years, so all we can practically do is prepare ourselves while we wait for the detail to be ironed out.

There are some themes in both that will apply to you. For example, planning for things like ensuring you are holding current information, knowing when someone last interacted with your organisation and making sure that you can maintain their communication preferences efficiently.

As always, we’re here to discuss any CRM or Data projects you might need our support on. Get in touch on the details below to start your project with us.



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Salesforce migration gives EveryChild renewed confidence in their data


This was a challenging migration, as MAST had to manage changes in the Salesforce configuration and mapping as well as clean the data. However, a flexible and agile approach meant we were able to adapt quickly and efficiently to minimise the impact of each change for EveryChild and save the organisation time and frustration with this complicated data migration.

Read the case study


MAST ICT celebrates with Donorfy, UK’s #1 Charity CRM product and supplier


We are pleased to be a founding partner of Donorfy, the fundraising software and Donor database, and be part of its development especially now it’s been CRM survey result – voted #1 product and supplier.

We think this new modern, powerful, and easy to use approach is having a big impact in the sector especially for the organisation with little or no in-house technical resource, giving them the tools only larger organisations have been able to afford previously.

Find out more about Donorfy


IoF Tech Group’s T3TPlus

IoF Technology Group T 3 T Plus

The IoF Technology Group’s ‘ICO & Data Protection including new transitional EU Data Regulations’ meet up is taking place on Thursday 21st July. If you would like to learn more on the implications around Data Protection and the new EU Data Regulations, especially since the Brexit vote, then I recommend you register for the meet up.


Changes to Fundraising Best Practice

IoF Technology Group meet up

We attended the IoF Technology Group T3T Plus meet-up last month and found the following sessions extremely useful, informative and factual without the hype we see in the press:

  • The meeting with George Kidd of the Fundraising Preference Service
  • The presentation ‘Changes to fundraising best practice, new legislation, EU GDPR and the FPS’ by John Mitchison, Head of Preference Services, Compliance and Legal, DMA

Both sessions were recorded and the video with presentations are available on the IoF Technology Group website.

View the IoF Tech Resources


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