iMIS Database Software Certified Consultants

As certified iMIS consultants, we provide specialist support to professional membership organisations within the third sector, helping them to take full advantage of their iMIS database software.

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We have over 100 years’ combined experience helping charities and NFP organisations get the most from their CRM, fundraising or membership database.

Helping NFP membership organisations maximise on the potential of their iMIS database system

For the past decade, our approved iMIS consultants have been helping professional membership organisations and Royal Colleges within the third sector implement and improve their investment in iMIS, in order for them to provide the highest quality membership services at the lowest cost to their members.

All with a background in the non-profit sector, as both iMIS product developers and users ourselves, we understand the potential barriers and constraints faced by the industry, and know how to optimise your iMIS database software for the smooth running of your membership organisation, and find innovative solutions to regular issues using ASI best practices.

Whether you are just starting to implement iMIS or have been using it for many years without full knowledge of its potential, our Crystal, IQA and SSRS expert consultants can help you to refine your processes and configure your system in a way that is specific to your individual business needs.

Perhaps a project is falling behind schedule and you need to meet an implementation deadline, you need to extend the functionality of your system, or you’d like help exploring the automation opportunities within your system to cut down on duplicate tasks and save valuable time, our expert iMIS consultants can provide the tailored additional support you need.


What is iMIS?

iMIS is the first reputable, international Engagement Management system, with a large and active community of users. It offers an all-in-one, on-premise or cloud based solution designed for not for profit organisations, associations and charities.

Benefits of iMIS EMS Software

  • Internationally used, reputable software
  • Web integration / CMS is at its core
  • Offers deep insights and analytics of donor data
  • Offers enhanced engagement scoring / dashboards
  • Can be cloud powered, offering global accessibility
  • Regulation (including GDPR) compliant and uses world-class data security and PCI validation
  • Predictable subscription pricing
  • Easy to set up
  • Third party integration and RESTful API

How MAST Can Help Users of iMIS CRM Software

iMIS Implementations

Our certified consultants have been carrying out iMIS implementations for over 10 years and possess all the necessary skills and expertise needed to provide a smooth transition with minimum disruption to your organisation. Perhaps you need to meet a certain deadline, data migration is providing too difficult and complicated, or you’re having trouble getting the information you need out of your new system, our experienced team are very familiar with these challenges and the best way to address them. We can help configure your iMIS database system in a way that balances the priorities of each department and helps your businesses to run most efficiently.

iMIS Reviews

To ensure you are getting the best from your investment in iMIS, we will carry out a full system review to identify any areas that could be better optimised for the needs of your membership organisation, such as automation opportunities. Following the system review, our expert iMIS consultants will meet with you to discuss their professional recommendations for improving the functionality and efficiency of your CRM system. Perhaps your business processes have been changed or it’s difficult and time-consuming to find the information you need, our iMIS review will address these issues and outline a full programme of improvement.

iMIS Updates

The iMIS database software is constantly being updated, with the pace of change increasing now ASI have adopted Agile Development processes, making it even more important to keep your system updated. Our experienced consultants regularly help iMIS users with installing, testing and deploying new versions of the system, meaning they are fully aware of any system pitfalls and know the best practise to follow in order to ensure a smooth upgrade process. It’s really important that you always keep your iMIS database updated to make sure you have full access to any new features and functionalities that would potentially improve the performance of your organisation.

Getting the most out of your iMIS membership system

  • Improve efficiency through automation, cutting down the need for repetitive tasks and saving valuable time.
  • Benefit from a phased iMIS implementation approach to manage budgets and ensure all departments can fully adjust.
  • As authorised iMIS consultants we hold Certified iMIS Professional and Certified iMIS Extension Developer status.

“MAST ICT is good at replying to any key issues. They monitor the automated processes, so if anything falls over late at night or on the weekend, they’ll fix it and email to let me know. We highly recommend them.”

Robert Skelton-Stroud


iMIS Automation Success Story

MAST ICT was asked to extend the Chartered Quality Institute’s (CQI) existing iMIS database in order to support and manage their new business processes, including provider approval, course certification and student data and feedback.

In order to cater for these new business processes, MAST ICT created new custom tables within iMIS, built new pages for their staff website, created new dashboard and reports, automated many of the processes and created an online portal to manage the details of their accredited training providers.

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