CRM Database Upgrades for the Non-Profit Sector

We help NFP organisations take advantage of new functionality by installing, testing and deploying new releases smoothly and efficiently.

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Our team of expert consultants anticipate the common pitfalls and recurring challenges involved, understanding how to best perform an effortless transition during CRM system upgrades.

Helping charities, membership organisations and Royal Colleges upgrade their CRM systems with ease

We understand that keeping up with new system releases can be difficult and upgrading your software can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you haven’t upgraded for a while.

Our experienced consultants regularly help with installing, testing and deploying new releases and are equipped to manage any upgrade complications, to ensure a smooth-running transition between system versions.

We help you discover your CRM system’s full potential, uncovering additional opportunities and functionalities, refining your processes, removing duplication of effort and linking systems to ensure the information you need is at your finger-tips.


A complete implementation service

We work openly and proactively to ensure you are getting the best from your CRM, fundraising or membership database system by seeking out potential improvements, further opportunities and new releases or functionalities available.

From the start, we’ll accurately outline our actions and deliverables, consistently meeting these on-time and to-budget with the least disruption to your organisation. Our phased approach allows you to control all aspects of the configuration, track the progress of your data migration and ensure critical management and operations reporting data extracts are available from day one.

Our team of dedicated consultants build positive working relationships with key stakeholders and work on-site to ensure that all elements are completed efficiently and good communication is maintained at all times.

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Data migration is often an important process of upgrading your system. Our tried and tested data methodology ensures we deliver on-time and to-budget, fully documented and easily tracked data migration.


Upgrading and evolving your dashboards is vital for keeping track of objectives and campaign ROI. We identify and implement the necessary metrics to ensure you maintain an optimised overview of your database.


Working with Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), we develop your data extraction and report generation functionalities to best see the big picture when it comes to your database.


We optimise your system to best perform segmentation of your database, allowing you to identify and communicate with the different types of supporter, volunteer or member, track valuable journey information and organise your records.


To ensure the best management of your data, we carry out multiple system integrations in order to bring important data together and maintain full database control, updating the integration of your systems as required.


We’ll upgrade or adapt your system to enable optimal working and time management by automating your business processes, thereby cutting down the need for duplicate and repetitive tasks.

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Fully customisable CRM training programmes designed to ensure staff maximise system potential and new functionality

New releases and system upgrades require the re-training of your staff to ensure they are fully equip to utilise all the new functionalities to best run your organisation smoothly.

Our customisable CRM training programmes are built around your business processes and use your data to best deliver training to your staff, either by our trainers or handed over to you to implement internally.

We’ve also developed a phased training and go live approach for larger scale projects that would benefit from department-to-department training, in order to ensure full adjustment of the organisation before moving onto the next stage.


“Everyone trusts the work that MAST ICT does, so if they say we have to do something a certain way, then people are happy to work with that. It shows that they have the kind of backing and trust across the team to make change happen.”

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CARE CRM & TaskCentre Upgrade Success Story

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) is the professional body for paediatricians in the UK. Prior to MAST ICT’s involvement, all correspondence regarding the postgraduate training and management of professional exams had to be done by post, which was a labour intensive, time consuming and costly task.

MAST ICT worked with the RCPCH to develop automated placement within their system, saving them in the region of £19,000 a year and 10 weeks in printing and posting exam-related letters.

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