Full CRM Database System Reviews for the Non-Profit Sector

We carry out CRM system reviews to help charities and organisations within the Third Sector determine the improvements necessary to best utilise their database.

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We have over 100 years’ combined experience helping charities and NFP organisations get the most from their CRM, fundraising or membership database.

Helping charities, membership organisations and Royal Colleges explore the true potential of their CRM system

As specialist NFP CRM consultants, all with a background in the Third Sector, we understand that your CRM system needs to help you work efficiently and productively.

By conducting a full system review, we address the concerns and barriers you are experiencing and produce a detailed report breaking down our professional recommendations for areas of improvement.

Perhaps your CRM system has been installed for some time, your business processes have changed or you find it difficult and time-consuming to find the information you need. Our system review will address these issues and identify improvements to help you get the most from your database.

We work closely with you to develop an open and honest client relationship that is built on trust, humility and advanced technical knowledge without the jargon.


A complete implementation service

Following the full review of your system, we’ll produce a thorough report detailing the recommended next steps to improve and get the most from your CRM, fundraising or membership database system.

Our team of consultants will accurately define your project and utilise a phased approach to ensure total control of scope and spend of the configuration, ensuring critical management and operations functionalities are available from day one.

Working on-site to maintain good communication throughout and ensure all elements are completed efficiently, as well as proactively seek out any other potential opportunities within the system.

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Our data migration process is fully documented and delivered on-time and to-budget. Data owners maintain total control throughout the migration process, with easily tracked progress and any issues are clearly categorised with their solutions.


During our system review we look closely at your dashboards to ensure all departments can keep track of and manage objectives, KPIs and campaign ROI easily, by identifying and implementing the necessary metrics.


An important aspect of your CRM system is to be able to extract data and produce reports, something our system review will address. We work with Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to enable you to see the big picture of your database.


We’ll analyse the effectiveness of your system’s segmentation capability, and identify the best means of categorising your data into different types of supporter, volunteer or member on your system, thereby also optimising the organisation of your records.


The system review identifies any data synchronisation issues and system integration opportunities. Integrating your database with other systems that hold important data about your contacts brings your data together, ensuring full control.


Our system review focuses on improving your CRM system for best practise and optimal working. Automation of repetitive tasks eases your staff from routine and saves valuable time. We’ll identify, implement and maintain the right automation tool for your budget.

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Custom training programmes to ensure staff know how to utilise your CRM system for best practise and optimal working

Evolving with your improved and optimised system requires re-training your staff to ensure its full potential is met and maintained.

Our customised training programmes are developed around your business processes and can either be delivered by our experienced consultants or handed over to you to implement internally.

Re-training your staff is vital to ensure they are utilising the system for best possible practise such as reducing duplicate tasks and saving valuable time. Larger scale projects will follow a phased training and go live approach to ensure full adjustment from all departments.


“MAST ICT is good at replying to any key issues. They monitor the automated processes, so if anything falls over late at night or on the weekend, they’ll fix it and email to let me know. We highly recommend them.”

CRM Process Improvement Manager

The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI)

CRM System Review Success Story

Following a review MAST ICT undertook for a well known health charity in 2012, MAST ICT developed a report identifying a number of blockers stopping the organisation from maximising on the system’s potential.

MAST ICT worked with them to implement a new campaign and marketing re-coding as well as improve on board and management reporting. The main challenge faced was providing a solution to convert the old coding system to the new system, which MAST ICT resolved by updating the codes and implementing mapping for all imports of data.

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