CRM Consultancy for the Non-Profit Sector

We provide a complete CRM consultancy service to charities and NFP organisations, helping them to maximise the potential of their database.

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Our specialist consultants have over 100 years’ combined experience implementing, reviewing and upgrading CRM system solutions for the non-profit sector.

Helping charities, membership organisations and Royal Colleges get the most out of their CRM system through advanced implementation, CRM reviews, system upgrades and bespoke training programmes.

CRM Implementation

CRM Implementations

We’ll accurately define your project and spend from the start to ensure the configuration is delivered on-time and to-budget, and that critical management and operations reporting and data extracts are available from day one.

CRM Review

CRM Reviews

Through a full system review, we’ll identify potential improvements and unexplored opportunities within your CRM system and produce a complete report detailing our analysis and professional recommendations.

CRM Upgrade

CRM Upgrades

Take advantage of new functionality, refine your processes and remove the need for duplicate work. We ensure a smooth transition during system upgrades and implementation of new releases with minimum disruption.

CRM Training

CRM Training

Our customised training programmes are designed around your business processes and use your data to ensure full adjustment by staff to additional system functionalities and unexplored opportunities within your CRM system.

A complete CRM consultancy service

We specialise in getting the most from your CRM, fundraising or membership database system, from accurately defining your project through to full system reviews and deploying new releases, to extensive system training.

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, our expert consultants understand the non-profit sector, the common challenges faced and system pitfalls. We follow a phased approach which allows you to maintain total control of the scope and spend of the configuration at all times, and means critical reporting and data management functionalities are available from day one.

We work on-site during your implementation to ensure good communication is kept throughout and that nothing is overlooked. Our dedicated consultants work openly and proactively to deliver a superior CRM consultancy service that helps you maximise on the true potential of your CRM system.

CRM Consultancy


Delivering data migration on-time and to-budget that is fully documented and easily tracked throughout. We categorise any issues flagged and provide the solutions so the data owners maintain system control.


Identifying and implementing the dashboard metrics required to allow managers and cross-departments to best keep track of objectives such as donation values, conference bookings and campaign ROI.


Helping NFP organisations maintain total control over their database by providing the reporting functionalities needed (Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services) to see an effective overview.


Categorising data to help charities and fundraising organisations best identify and communicate with the different types of supporter, volunteer or member on their database, whilst organising and simplifying your mailing selections.


Helping NFP organisations bring their data together and maintain full control through the integration of your database with other important systems, we resolve any synchronisation issues and update the integration when required.


Setting up automated processes to reduce the need for duplicate tasks and providing alerts when good or bad things happen to ensure data is keep in the best possible condition. We work with you to find, implement and maintain the right automation tool.


“MAST ICT was extremely easy to work with. They were very flexible, proactive, and expert at what they did, so highly capable and competent. They gave us the solution we wanted and we felt all the way through that MAST ICT were working with us to achieve what we wanted to achieve.”

Head of Operations


Salesforce Data Migration Success Story

EveryChild is an international development charity working to stop children growing up vulnerable and alone. They faced significant issues with their existing database, meaning the main challenges of the data migration were not to transfer the inaccuracies across the old system to the new one, and to ensure the migration ran in parallel with the Salesforce implementation project.

MAST ICT therefore needed to take an agile approach to the data migration. As each part of the Saleforce configuration was completed, MAST ICT then worked on the related tasks from the backlog. This approach meant that EveryChild were able to adapt quickly and efficiently to minimise disruption and save valuable time.

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