Charity CRM Automation for the Non-Profit Sector

We help NFP organisations get the most out of their charity database automation, streamlining costly and time consuming procedures and increasing their ROI.

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Our team of experienced charity CRM automation experts can help you find the right tool for your needs and budget, and help you to set up, implement, monitor and maintain your automations.

Helping charities, membership organisations and Royal Colleges implement automation within their CRM system

As experienced CRM consultants, all with a background in the Third Sector, we understand how valuable your time is and can help you cut down on time-consuming and repetitive tasks by implementing CRM automation.

There are a wide number of great automation tools for automating your business processes, helping you to free up employee time and resources, increase the accuracy of reporting, improve decision making as well as improve ROI and reduce costs.

We help you to refine your business processes through charity CRM automation and discover the full potential of your CRM system for optimal working and ensuring your data in always kept in tip-top condition.


A complete CRM implementation service

MAST ICT work closely with your charity or not-for-profit organisation to identify the best automation opportunities for your needs and budget, helping you get the most out of your CRM system. Our approach is open, honest and proactive to ensure you’re always working optimally and best utilising CRM automation for the smooth-running of your organisation.

We always ensure our actions and deliverables are clearly and accurately outlined at the beginning of the project, consistently meeting these on-time and to-budget with the least disruption to your organisation. Our experienced CRM consultants take the time to really understand what you want to get out of CRM automation, to ensure we are always working towards the same goals, and accommodating your budget and resources.

Our dedicated team of CRM experts work on-site to maintain good communication throughout the project and ensure all elements are completed efficiently, as well as proactively seek out any other potential opportunities within your CRM system.

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We provide comprehensive tools and design capabilities to produce advanced business alerts, ensuring you’re always on top of your database and notified when an action needs to be taken. We can integrate with any number of existing applications to help make timely and accurate decisions.


Helping you to achieve efficient, consistent and measurable processes.
We can add workflow capabilities to existing software applications, increasing productivity, eradicating administrative waste and enhancing stakeholder relationships.


We integrate tools which can automatically generate and distribute document flows, to all the company’s stakeholders and trading partners, saving valuable time. Reports, letters, invoices and more can be automatically delivered via a variety of formats and channels.


Helping you to communicate with stakeholders and ensure they have access to the relevant information through web content publishing capabilities, allowing you to generate, publish and update online information automatically, according to user-defined rules.


We provide a range of tools that integrate to help develop and maintain timely and accurate ‘subscription-based services’ or ‘request-response mechanisms’ automatically, ensuring that you meet today’s supporters and stakeholders expectations for information on demand.


We deliver and manage process integration ensuring database systems communicate seamlessly no matter how complex the requirements, helping you to transform your business processes, cut down the need for repetitive tasks, saving time, money and resources.

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Bespoke CRM training programmes designed to ensure staff understand and get the most out of new system functionality

Understanding how to automate tasks and business processes within your CRM system requires the training of your staff to ensure that are fully equipped to maximise on the potential of charity database automation and are saving time, money and resources effectively.

We provide custom CRM automation training programmes, designed around your specific business processes and delivered either by our experienced trainers or handed over to you to implement in-house.

We have also developed a phased implementation approach for larger scale automation projects that would benefit from staggered department training.


“Everyone trusts the work that MAST does, so if they say we have to do something a certain way, then people are happy to work with that. It shows that they have the kind of backing and trust across the team to make change happen.”

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TaskCentre Automation Success Story

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) is the professional body for paediatricians in the UK. Prior to MAST ICT’s involvement, all correspondence regarding the postgraduate training and management of professional exams had to be done by post, which was a labour intensive, time consuming and costly task.

MAST ICT worked with the RCPCH to develop automated placement within their system, saving them in the region of £19,000 a year and 10 weeks in printing and posting exam-related letters.

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