We have undertaken a number of system reviews identifying where advantages can be gained from better use of your existing system

In 2012 we undertook a review for a well know health charity. Having interviewed all the heads of department and key users, we wrote a report and presented it to the board. We identified a number of blockers stopping the organisation using the system to it’s full extend.

Following the review we have undertaken a number of projects over the last few years, including a project to implement a new campaign and marketing re-coding. The review identified the old campaign coding system did not capture the information needed for the board and management reporting.

We ran a number of workshops to define the reporting requirements of the board and senior management team, and then designed and implemented a campaign and marketing source coding system which allowed dashboard and management reports to be produced without the need for manual intervention.

The main challenge for this project was providing a solution to convert the old coding system to the new system. The solution not only had to update the codes in the database but also provide a mapping for all imports of data which could still have the old coding for several months.


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