As Authorised iMIS Consultants we can provide the additional support you need to maintain and enhance your investment in iMIS, whether it be help in upgrading to the latest version, implementing new modules or providing more tailored functionality we can provide consultants with the appropriate experience.

We have helped many of the UK’s leading membership organisations upgrade to the latest version, implement the staff site or provide them with more tailored functionality by providing consultants with the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience.

Getting the right configuration for your business

Perhaps you are just starting to implement iMIS system, or been using it for years and realised your requirements have changed or you are not getting the information you need to run your business efficiently.

We can help you define your needs and configure your system in a way that balances the priorities of each team whilst serving the needs of the organisation as a whole. Refining your processes, removing duplication of effort, linking systems together and ensuring the information you need is at your finger-tips.

New Implementations

Are you new to iMIS? As with any new system implementation, plans often change once the project is underway.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • You need extra skilled resource to complete your implementation on time
  • the data migration is taking longer than expected
  • You don’t know how much effort or time is needed to complete the data migration
  • You need experienced UK based consultants who are able to work on-site at reasonable rates
  • You’re having difficulty getting information out of your new system
  • You’ve gone live, but have had to push important requirements into ‘phase 2’

Our consultants have worked on many new system implementations, so are very familiar with these challenges and the best way to address them. Whether you need a short term injection of additional resource to meet a specific requirement or need to bolster your team for a longer period, we can help.

We can help configure your system in a way that balances the priorities of different departments whilst serving the needs of the organisation as a whole.

System Reviews

If you’ve had iMIS installed for some time, are you confident that you’re getting the best from your investment?

How would you answer the following questions?

  • Has your system been changed to cater for new or updated business processes?
  • Is it difficult, time-consuming or perhaps even impossible to find the information you need?
  • Do you find that effort is duplicated – that you have to make changes to your data in more than one part of the database?
  • Are you spending too much time manually cleaning data?
  • Are you taking full advantage of the many new features like the new staff site?
  • Do you feel there is more you could be doing with iMIS?

We can help you answer these questions by conducting a full system review producing a detailed report documenting our findings and making recommendations for improvements.

We will then meet to discuss the finding and recommendations and helping you plan a programme of improvement.


iMIS is being updated constantly, with the pace of change increasing now ASI have adopted Agile development processes.

As well as new features and functionality, there have been significant improvements to performance in recent versions.

This makes it more important than ever to make sure you are using the most appropriate version of iMIS for your needs. However, upgrading iMIS can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you haven’t upgraded for a while.

We regularly help iMIS users with installing, testing and deploying new versions of iMIS, so are aware of the common pitfalls and the best practice to follow to ensure that upgrades go smoothly with minimum disruption.


RiSE (formally known as WCM) is at the heart of your iMIS system. As iMIS moves from the Desktop into the Web, configuring RiSE to meet your needs is becoming more and more important.

Indeed, for more and more clients, RiSE is able to provide a single solution for all your websites, include your main public site, member portal, staff access, mobile sites and micro-sites for special requirements, such as annual conferences.

One system really can meet all your needs. No need for expensive mobile applications, multiple websites for members, shop and events or complex integrations. Let our experienced web developers help you build the sites you need, including tailoring the look and feel of RiSE to match your branding.

Making the most of your data

Often, the key information you need for segmentation, performance monitoring or operational reports will be spread between disparate parts of the database or in other systems.

We can help build a series of ‘data views’, reports and dashboards which combine, filter, and flatten this disparate data for use with all your favourite reporting tools like Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services, as well as extracting data directly into Excel, Power BI or another analytical reporting tool.


Reports and IQA queries are fine for extracting details of individual members or supporters, but sometimes you need to see the bigger picture. This is where dashboards and business intelligence (BI) come in.

Dashboards are a great way of keeping track of your key performance indicators (KPIs), be it membership retention, conference bookings or donation income. With iMIS a range of options are available, including IQA dashboards, iDashboards or third party dashboarding tools.

They can also help when it comes to keeping track of activities within different departments or monitoring the status of a process that crosses departmental boundaries. By creating personalised ‘to do’ lists and summaries we can improve workflow, giving you easier ways to keep track of processes and short cuts to making the necessary data updates.

Our consultants have experience of all of these, so are ideally place to help, advise and implement the dashboards your managers need to keep track of their objectives.

Reporting and IQA

iMIS comes with a large suite of reports built in, but every client needs reports tailored to meet their specific business requirements. Often, the key information you need will be spread between disparate parts of the database. By combining this, we can help you see the big picture and give you a better overview of your business processes.

Our consultants are familiar with the internal report writers, Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), as well as methods for extracting data directly into Excel/Power BI, so whichever delivery method you choose, we can help.

IQA is a very powerful tool for extracting data from your iMIS database, but it requires knowledge of the underlying database structures. We can help you create the queries, views and business objects you require to get to the information you need.


iMIS does a lot, but it can’t always do it all.

This means it’s unlikely iMIS is the only system which holds important data about your members, supporters and other stakeholders. Keeping these disparate systems up to date can be a challenge, but we have experience of a number of tools and approaches which can help.

From simple extracts using IQA, through more complex integrations using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to fully automated bi-directional synchronisations using Talend, Zapier or other cloud based integration services we have helped a number of customers integrate accounting systems, external mailing houses and other systems with their main iMIS database.

Data Migration

Data Migration can be one of the most risky areas of any project. We have a strong track record of delivering data migrations on-time and to-budget using our tried and tested data migration methodology.

Our methodology ensures you stay in control of the migration, the process is fully documented, progress can be easily tracked and data problems are categorised with suggested solutions so the data owners can stay in control.

Our extensive knowledge of the iMIS data structures ensure we map your data to the correct places in a way that is consistent with data you enter after go-live, therefore ensuring consistent reporting.

Increasing productivity

Increasing productivity is key to ensuring your teams are not overwhelmed, and they continue to focus on looking after your donors, volunteers or members.

This could include ensuring your staff are trained on your business processes, restructuring your data to simplify querying and eliminating duplicate data entry, synchronising the data with other systems or automating processes that will help to keep the data clean or to improve the smoothness and efficiency of your day-to-day operations.


Standard classroom training is great when you’re just starting out with a new system, but sometimes you want training targeted at the gaps in your current knowledge.

We can provide training tailored to your exact needs, for individuals or groups, onsite or classroom based, on your data with iMIS configured how you use it.

No need to waste time relearning what you already know or covering features you don’t use.

Automation with Task Centre

Task Centre is a great tool for automating your business processes, releasing your staff from routine or repetitive tasks, improving the service to your stakeholders and helping ensure your data is kept in tip-top condition.

We are Orbis TaskCentre Consulting Partners and have extensive experience of helping customers use Task Centre to its fullest potential.

Examples include automated annual renewals & reminders, integration with 3rd party systems, e-mail receipts for online payments, management of complex business rules, data quality audits and alerting for high value donations.

Web Development and iParts

We have extensive experience in taking a web designers website design and implementing it in RiSE.

Create complex member portals using a variety of iParts, or Content Items as they are now known, for discreet pieces of functionality that you can add to your Web Site to provide what your members, supporters and staff need. iMIS comes with a gallery of iParts, but did you know that custom iParts can be developed to meet your specific business requirements? We are Certified iMIS Extension Developers, so can build new iParts to your exact specification.

Alternatively, what you need may already have been developed by another AiSP. We can help you find what you need from the wide range of custom iParts already available from our colleagues in the wider iMIS community.