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We are excited to be a founding partner of Donorfy an award-winning cloud-based donor management solution which offers fundraisers and other staff access to their donor details, campaign management and stewardship programmes from wherever they are, whether they use a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We have been involved with the design and development of Donorfy from the beginning, and continue to contribute to the on-going development of the Donorfy solution. This gives us extensive knowledge and understanding of the underlying technology and enables us to provide a variety of services to help you get the most out of Donorfy.


Our Donorfy Services include

  • Setup workshops, either on-site or screen-sharing remote sessions, to recommend the best way to use Donorfy. This will include things like checking all the drop-down lists are appropriate, agreeing how constituents will be tagged, how income will be recorded and downloaded to your accounts package.
  • Training sessions on how to use Donorfy, these can be tailored to your specific business processes if required. These sessions can be old school classroom based session, on-line ‘at your desk’ sessions or recorded as short videos.
  • Reporting, Donorfy has standard dashboards and list creation tools, but if you need more detailed reporting we can help you setup reports using Excel, Tableau or your favoured reporting tool that reads data directly from Donorfy’s OData feed.
  • Integration setup, whether this is helping you setup the in-built integrations like MailChimp, EventBrite and JustGiving, or writing specific interfaces using the Donorfy API to link to your other systems.
  • ‘Surgery’ sessions where we meet either face-to-face or online to discuss the best way to use Donorfy, answer questions on IT related queries or suggest solutions to improve your current processes.
  • Data Migration, helping you extract data from your old database system or spreadsheets, combine the information into the Donorfy upload spreadsheets and upload to Donorfy. For the more complex migrations we can use the Donorfy API to migrate complex data into Donorfy directly.