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With today’s ever increasing pressure to get more done with less we see automation of your business processes as the most effective way forward. Computers are very good at following the rules they are given and will do it far more efficiently than a human operator, so we always recommend you automate the regular and repetitive processes to ensure they are completed quickly and efficiently.

However, the trick with automation is to understand that computers have limitations and it’s also efficient to pass exceptions to users to resolve.   That way you use the power of the computer to undertake repetitive tasks consistently and efficiently, but pass the exceptions to humans who can decide on the best course of action.


What to automate?

With over 20 years of experience in implementing systems with a whole range of automation from simple, send an email if ‘X’ happens, to complex system synchronisations; we pride ourselves in understanding the tools available, the best approach to design and implementation and estimating the effort required to produce a robust automation solution.

If you don’t know which processes you could automate or the benefits you could expect we can undertake a strategic review with you and identify where automation can benefit your organisation.

If you have identified the processes that need automation, we can recommend the most appropriate tools, provide estimates on the resources, effort and timelines required and confirm the benefits you would achieve.

What benefits could I expect?

Organisations mainly undertake automation to realise benefits in two main areas:

  • Improve response times, by generating automatic responses.
  • Reduce processing time, by freeing staff from repetitive and time-consuming tasks.


The benefits you will see depend on the process you automate, but some examples include:

  • Generate and automatic email with membership renewal invoice attached, saw a 20% increase in retention and a 95% reduction in telephone queries.
  • SMS event reminder sent 1 day before the event, saw a large reduction in the number of ‘no shows’.
  • Automatic download and import of bookings taken on a standalone web site enabled reporting event bookings on a daily basis.


The Automation tools we use

There are a substantial number of tools available to implement automation, we always assess your current situation and look at two main options.

The Automation tools you already have

SQL Server Integration Services

It’s likely you will have a number of functions and tools that will allow you to implement automation without purchasing additional software.

For example, your database is likely to support Triggers and Stored Procedures so tasks can be started following a update of a record.   Servers have scheduling tools that allow you to start jobs at specific times.   And if you have SQL server as your database engine, you already have SQL Server Integration Services.

However these tools will need a more technical person to set up and manage the jobs and you will typically need Administrator rights to set up and maintain these jobs.

Specialist Tools

We recommend using a specialist tool for automation. There are several advantages including all automations being managed in one place, graphical interfaces so System Supervisors can manage the tasks and specific tools for making the implementation easier and quicker.

We are experienced in a number of tools and database solutions, but have partnered with two main automation tool providers.


Business Process Management (BPM) Software Suite - TaskCentre

TaskCentre offers a unique state-of-the-art Business Process Management (BPM) Suite; enabling organisations to cost effectively build, operate and maintain any number of automated processes.

Both the ASI and Advanced solutions provide TaskCentre as a module to provide workflow and process automation.   To gain the best from this tool MAST became a Consulting Partner for TaskCentre in 2012, ensuring our consultants are fully trained and have direct access to Orbis support.

We have implemented a variety of automation tasks over the last year improving data quality, reducing staff workloads by automating tasks and providing a variety of alerting and confirmation messages to staff, supporters and members.


Talend Real-Time Open Source Data Integration Software

Talend is the recognised market leader in open source data integration solutions.

The company’s holistic integration platform helps organisations minimize costs and maximize the value of Data Integration, ETL, Data Quality, Master Data Management (MDM), Application Integration and Business Process Management, while supporting their shift toward the Cloud and Big Data.

With more than 3,500 paying customers worldwide, including eBay, ING, The Weather Channel, Deutsche Post and Allianz, , and over twenty million downloads, Talend’s solutions, services and products are the most trusted integration solutions in the world. The company has major offices in North America, Europe and Asia, and a global network of technical and services partners.

MAST joined the Talend EcoSystem as a Silver Consulting Partner in late 2012; we see the Talend technology as a key component for managing multiple data sources in an automated environment which can significantly reduce the amount of time your staff spend on importing, exporting or processing data.

With a comprehensive toolset for managing and manipulating data Talend can be used to manage and automate all your file imports, synchronising multiple systems to your core CRM System and/or compiling your data into a single reporting data warehouse giving you’re the sort after 360 degree view of your information.

Being Open Source does not mean this is free and you have no support.   You can use the free Open Source version, but Talend provide a subscription version with additional features for managing your integration along with tutorials, examples, training and technical helpdesk support.