Our Services

At MAST ICT we recognise that you need to make the best use of your limited resources to get the most from the investment in your CRM System.

Whether it be automating your repetitive processes, providing dashboards and reports so you can monitor performance, identifying more efficient ways of working, linking your CRM to your other systems or enhancing the data you have; our respected consultants can help.

Our Services can be broadly categorised into the following themes:

Getting the right configuration for your business

Perhaps you are just starting to implement your CRM system, or been using it for years and realised your requirements have changed or you are not getting the information you need to run your business efficiently.

We can help you define your needs and configure your system in a way that balances the priorities of each team whilst serving the needs of the organisation as a whole. Refining your processes, removing duplication of effort, linking systems together and ensuring the information you need is at your finger-tips.

New Implementations

Our consultants have worked on many new system implementations, so are very familiar with the challenges involved and the best ways to address them.

Our phased approach allows you to control the scope and spend of the configuration, maintain control of the data migration and ensure critical management and operations reporting and data extracts are available from day one.

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System Reviews

If your system has been installed for some time, are you confident that you’re getting the best from your investment? Have your business processes changed? Do you find that effort is duplicated? Is it difficult and time-consuming to find the information you need?

We can answer these questions by conducting a full system review resulting in a detailed report making recommendations for improvements.

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Are you able to keep up with new releases and take advantage of new functionality when it becomes available?

Upgrading your software can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you haven’t upgraded for a while. We regularly help with installing, testing and deploying new releases, we are aware of the common pitfalls and the best practice to ensure that upgrades go smoothly with minimum disruption.

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Making the most of your data

Often, the key information you need for segmentation, performance monitoring or operational reports will be spread between disparate parts of the database or in other systems.

We can help build a series of ‘data views’, reports and dashboards which combine, filter, and flatten this disparate data for use with all your favourite reporting tools like Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services, as well as extracting data directly into Excel, Power BI or another analytical reporting tool.


Dashboards are a great way of keeping track of your performance, be it donation volumes, membership retention, conference bookings or campaign ROI. They also help when it comes to keeping track of activities within different departments or monitoring the status of a process that crosses departmental boundaries.

Our consultants are ideally place to identify the metrics your managers need to keep track of their objectives.

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Often, the key information you need will be spread between disparate parts of the database. By combining this, we can help you see the big picture and give you a better overview of your business processes.

Our consultants are familiar with the internal report writers, Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), as well as methods for extracting data directly into Excel or tools like Power BI, so whichever delivery method you choose, we can help.

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Are you able to identify the different types of supporter, volunteer or member you have and communicate with them in the way they expect? With everyone having a shorter attention span it’s becoming more important to ensure your messages are being sent to the right people in the right way and you are not inundating them.

We help categorise your records, tracking when they move between categories to provide valuable journey information as well as simplifying your mailing selections.

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It’s unlikely your CRM is the only system which holds important data about your supporters, volunteers or members. Keeping these disparate systems up to date can be a challenge and time-consuming

We have hands-on experience of a number of tools and approaches to bring your data together, ensuring you can stay in control, synchronisation issues are resolved and you can update the integration as you need to.

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Data Migration

Data Migration can be one of the most risky areas of any project. We have a strong track record of delivering data migrations on-time and to-budget using our tried and tested data migration methodology.

Our methodology ensures you stay in control of the migration, the process is fully documented, progress can be easily tracked and data problems are categorised with suggested solutions so the data owners can stay in control.

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Increasing productivity

Increasing productivity is key to ensuring your teams are not overwhelmed, and they continue to focus on looking after your donors, volunteers or members.

This could include ensuring your staff are trained on your business processes, restructuring your data to simplify querying and eliminating duplicate data entry, synchronising the data with other systems or automating processes that will help to keep the data clean or to improve the smoothness and efficiency of your day-to-day operations.


Training your staff is vital to ensure the smooth running of your organisation. However, simple training courses based on your software’s functionality is unlikely to go far enough.

We have designed a number of training programmes, based on your business processes, using your data which can be delivered by our trainers or handed over to your own staff to deliver and maintain.

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There are a number of great automation tools for automating your business processes, releasing your staff from routine or repetitive tasks, alerting you when good or bad things happen and helping ensure your data is kept in tip-top condition.

We can help you find the right tool for your budget and help setup, implement, monitor and maintain your automations.

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Web Development

Sometimes system configuration, automation and integration just do not get you to the solution you need.

Our experienced developers can design and develop public facing websites with self-service portals, internal webpages to simplify data entry or display and update information from several systems on one form. Anything is possible…

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