Our Services

Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to help you get the most from the technology and systems you have invested in.

We pride ourselves in taking a practical approach ensuring you see the benefits of any change as soon as possible and provide you with a solid base for continuing the improvements in the future at a pace your organisation can achieve.

Getting it Right First Time

We are committed to delivering extremely high levels of customer service and satisfaction and always aim to get it right first time. Ensuring we provide consultants with the appropriate and relevant experience is critical to us and sets us apart from other similar providers. We aim to build strong, open and lasting relationships with our clients who, we hope, will recommend us in the future.

Please see the Our Customers section for more details on the types of organisations we work with and the feedback we receive.

Friendly and Experienced Consultants

Although we are technical consultants who understand the technology and can talk to the most technical of people, we are human too! We will not bamboozle you with technical terms and acronyms but ensure we translate and interpret the solution and benefits into business terms so you can understand the benefits and most importantly measure you have achieved the results you expect.

We have experience in providing services to organisations of every size, from the smaller organisation with little or no internal IT support, through to large multi-national organisations with centralised IT teams. We look to provide an appropriate level of service tailored to each of our customer’s specific needs and circumstances.

When you choose MAST you are not working with a single consultant but are instead supported by an experienced team of consultants with a combined NFP experience of over 80 years!

See the Our People section for more information on our directors and senior consultants.

How we started

MAST ICT was formed in 2010 with the specific aim of building long-term relationships with our clients and offering them timely and practical solutions to real-world problems, we feel Our Mission Statement is a good summary of what we aim to achieve.

Working with not-for-profit organisations means we also see (and share in some of) the achievements of our customers and therefore see the need to be responsible and care for the environment. We spent considerable time defining and implementing Our Corporate and Social Responsibility Statement and Our Environmental Statement and the board of directors regularly reviews these policies and our compliance with them.