We continue to grow from strength to strength with witnessed another jump in the number of clients we are working with.   It should be noted we are not marketing our services, all our new clients approach us having been recommended our services by existing clients or respected consultants.

This year has seen an explosion in automation of processes and we have responded by becoming partners with two great organisation providing automation tools.   Orbis Software provide automation tools that are very good at automating communication, delivering reports and alerting staff to good or bad trends.   Talend on the other hand is a market leader in Data Management and their tools manage the synchronisation, movement and import of data from a variety of systems in one unified platform.

We expanded our ASI consultancy this year with both Keith and Mike joining the consultancy team, meaning we now have expertise in both iMIS and ProgressCRM, as well as cross-training ourselves from CARE and Integra.


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