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The MAST team will be heading to the Charity Technology Conference, a unique event designed for charity IT and digital leaders, taking place on 17 November.

Now entering its eleventh year, this year’s programme makes clear that charities of all types and causes are leveraging technology to make significant progress in their fields and sowing the seeds of lasting social change. With examples from the arts, international development, healthcare, disability and youth,

We’re excited to be part of an event that brings together the very best of innovation across the sector. We’re especially looking forward to what is shaping up to be a topical debate about whether charities are ready for the future or ripe for disruption.

There are a variety of talks and workshops taking place across the themes of data, digital, people & culture and strategy, so we’d thought we’d outline a few areas where we can help you if you’re going along to the Charity Technology Conference too.

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We’ve been talking to some our clients to capture what makes working with MAST the right choice for them, so you can see why charities across the UK like working with us and give us testimonials like these:

“MAST are good at replying to any key issues. They monitor the automated processes, so if anything falls over late at night or on the weekend, they’ll fix it and email to let me know. We highly recommend them.”

“Everyone trusts the work that MAST does, so if they say we have to do something a certain way, then people are happy to work with that. It shows that they have the kind of backing and trust across the team to make change happen.”

Here are some of our latest case studies to give you a better idea of what MAST does:

How we can help you

We work with all the major not-or-profit solution providers who provide sophisticated systems for managing your data

However we know having chosen a system for your data, making it work smoothly, managing all of your data flows, implementing online tools and API interfaces is critical to making the system really work for you.   This is where we can help.

We are experienced in helping organisations create a cohesive, effective business solution from the various tools and software available to them.  Using appropriate technology we can assist you in realising your vision and delivering the IT solution your organisation needs and would love to start a conversation with you at the Charity Technology Conference.

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Arrange a meeting

We very much hope to see you and your teams at the Mermaid Conference Centre on 17 November for what promises to be a valuable and inspiring day.

If you want to arrange a meeting with any of the MAST team to discuss your IT needs, please get in touch and we’ll organise a coffee.

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We’ll see you at the Charity Technology Conference on 17 November!


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