MAST ICT are now partners with Codeless Platforms!

We have noticed over the years that more and more organisations need to become more efficient and do more with either the same resource or less resources. In response to this trend we feel looking at automating tasks within your CRM System will free up your staff’s time allowing them to become more efficient and concentrate on the tasks that need a person to make a decision, and reduce the number of repetitive tasks they do day-on-day.

Both IRIS NG and ASI iMIS provide a module based on Codeless Platforms Task Centre. TaskCentre is a powerful suite of Business Process Management (BPM) technologies that ‘loosely couples’ business applications enabling organisations to automate virtually any employee-driven business process.

All MAST ICT consultants have now been trained by Codeless Platforms on the latest TaskCentre functionality and we will continue to contribute to the development of this powerful automation tool.

MAST are already helping several organisations develop and expand their use of the TaskCentre module and expect this to become a very sort after solution to working smarter and improving efficiency.


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